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Kevin Hetzendorfer Black Belt

Through the many years that I have been at Steve’s, I have learned how to do many things and have made many friends. It’s a great place to be at.

Eric Hetzendorfer Black Belt

There have been many meaningful experiences in my life, but studying martial arts has been one of the most rewarding activities I have been involved in. If it were not for my karate classes, I would not be the person I am today.
When I was eleven years old, my parents took me to a karate school to participate in a class and see if this would be something I might enjoy. At first, it did not seem interesting to me, but once I started working on the stances and fighting techniques, karate quickly became one of my all-time favorite activities.
After a few years of attending classes, I felt I started to excel. By the time I was thirteen, I was taking adult classes with the more experienced students. These classes were a much more challenging experience for me. The adult classes helped me rise to a level of performance I had not previously been able to achieve.
By the time I was fifteen, I qualified to test for my first-degree black belt. The test was long and grueling, but I persevered. I felt an enormous sense of pride in my hard-earned accomplishment and reward.
Today I am a first-degree black belt. I have earned the respect and friendship of my fellow students and have many new friends I can count on. The ethics of hard work and discipline acquired as a result of my involvement in the martial arts continue to benefit me in all aspects of my life.

Rick Figley, 2nd Degree Black Belt

I find Steve’s Karate to be a karate school of choice for a number of reasons. For one thing the workout you get is very good. I never leave there without getting drenched with sweat. The routine is a good cardio workout as well as helping to improve your technique as all belt levels go through all the basics.You pay as you go monthly, you get a better price with multiple family members and there are no upfront contracts forcing you to pay when you can’t be there. Steve is very fair about that. He has classes for all levels 6 days a week. Not all schools do that. You spar at every class and spar with everyone in attendance who chooses to (most do). You have the opportunity to spar with all the belt levels, not just those at your belt level. I find it a very flexible and good program that is family oriented.

B-Eric Aaronson, Black Belt

Steve's House of Karate is suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults. I started out here when I was 7 and haven’t even thought about leaving since then. Steves House of Karate includes all the fundamentals of karate plus many more useful techniques and body-building exercises. The heart and soul of the class is sparing. Sparing is used to build endurance and to practice hand and foot techniques. Steves House of Karate, in general, is a nice workout, a great source for learning Tae Kwon Do, and a whole lot of fun.

Lou Vagnuolo, Yellow Belt

I am one of Steve’s adult students, I have a very hectic work schedule from traveling to late nights at the office. Steve’s is perfect for me because of the pay as you go method, I can miss a week or a month and I will not feel as if I am paying for something I am not using. Also when I do return from a hiatus I am treated by Steve as an every day student with respect and patience.
Steve’s karate has helped me lose weight and get into decent shape as well as learn the Martial Arts. It’s a great atmosphere to exercise, learn and to have fun.
As far as Steve is concerned he is an excellent teacher and a great role model for the kids as well as the adults.
I highly recommend Steve’s House of Karate to anyone who wants to learn from a great instructor, work hard and have fun.I have much respect for Sensei Steve and all who attend his classes.

Marc Egort, 5th Degree Black Belt

My success in life is 100% attributable to the work Steve has done with me for many years. The camaraderie and friendships formed from vigorous training is second to none. The exercise environment is well suited for all motivational levels, and the training experience is practical and adaptable. Having trained at other schools, I have found Steve’s style of teaching and technique to be the very best in South Florida.

Jonathan Caputo, 2nd Degree Black Belt

I am one of Steve’s black belts – I have been to many karate schools over the last 16 years of my martial arts training and I have been with Steve for over 5 years. As long as Steves House of Karate is open, I will be there as a student

Ruben Gotlieb, Master and Fifth Degree Black Belt

I have known Master Rosenthal since we were both white belts together 38 years ago. I have trained at various schools and I can say without equivocation that Master Rosenthal’s technique and teaching style is second to none. His manner of instruction is motivational and his technique is flawless. The atmosphere at the school is one which is friendly and Steve’s instructors are always willing to assist lower belts with their forms and fighting. Master Rosenthal is a legend in the community  which is a testament to who he is.

Matt Locke Brown Belt – 3 black tips (Next is Black belt)

Steve’s House Of Karate is top notch.  I highly recommend it for kids and adults.
Master Steve is great with kids.  During the past four years that I have been going to Steve’s, I have seen how patient and encouraging Master Steve is with the kids and how happy they are as they continue to make progress.
As for me , four years ago, I was a 25 year Police Veteran, totally out of shape, probably waiting for an accident to happen.  I had no flexability, no quickness, and only a minimal amount of physical training to protect myself. Thank God Master Steve came into my life.  He has helped me regain my confidence and live a healthier life.
So take it from me, don’t sit around and wait like I did.  Now is the time to let Master Steve teach you karate!!!

Michael Slaton, 3rd Black Stripe Brown Belt

Ever since I was a child I had always wanted the opportunity to train in martial arts but with the other sports I played I had no time. At age 51 I went to 9 Dojos’ around South Florida looking for the home that felt right for me. The passion and desire to become aBlack Belt never left me after all those years. After I walked into Steves House of Karate I knew this was the right place. In a few short months after 3 years of training I will achieve my goal of becoming a Black Belt.
Every class has a good mixture of cardio, technique training for forms and sparring with everyone at our classes. I always leave feeling I had a tremendous workout.
Sensei Steve’s techniques are near perfect and he has a way of motivating that is very upbeat. During competitions it is not surprising at the number of trophies the students earn.
Over the years a feeling of ” family ” has formed and the climate that Master Steve has taught us is one of respect, discipline and quiet confidence. As a result of this we can adapt what we learn to our everyday lives.

Gary Polk, Brown belt, 3rd black stripe

I started karate 33 years ago and after a 30 year hiatus from the sport decided to start again, almost two years ago with my 13 year old daughter. As the oldest student at Steve’s school, I can honestly say it was a pleasure to find a place that is so accommodating and flexible. At Steve’s House of Karate there is something for everyone, whether it be for the serious minded student like myself, beginner adults, or kids and teenagers who enjoy the instruction as well as the socialization and camaraderie.After my daughter and I considered and tried other karate schools, it was an easy decision that Steve’s school was the best choice for both our needs. The fact that Steve doesn’t require any upfront contracts provided me a comfort level since I didn’t know whether my daughter would like karate or not. Well, almost two years later I am close to testing for my black belt and my daughter for her brown belt. We both have made lasting friendships and consider Steve’s House of Karate our home away from home.


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